These Soap Bars are Oddly Shaped and Brilliantly Bubbly

 - Jul 10, 2011
If you're looking to add some luster to your lather and bling to your bathtub, take a peek at these positively poppin' soap bars.

Soap bars are a necessity in every household, yet that doesn't mean their design has to be standard and boring. Artists everywhere are creating their own bubbly bars in crazy shapes. Now you can lather up your limbs with slices of scented bacon or jelly on toast. There are even soaps that contain odd ingredients such as moisturizing breast milk or flakes of gold and silver.

Indulge in these "surreally" sudsy soap bars for a refreshing experience.

Implications - Consumers appreciate novelty gifts that are are comedically referential or are a parody of another product. These products allow them an entertaining experience with others, as they spark discussion and humor. Companies can appeal to humor-appreciative demographics by manufacturing products with comedic qualities.