Morfoze Polyhedron Soap Explores a Rigid Dimenson for Softer Skin

 - Jun 22, 2011
References: & thedieline
A bar of soap will gradually become smooth and round after use over time, but this doesn't eliminate the opportunity to make it abstract in from, like Morfoze Polyhedron Soap.

The creator of this concept body cleanser took on the project as an exploration of 3D computer modeling to develop an unusual multifaceted form. In bringing this virtual polyhedral shape into the real world, the designer made the deliberate decision to give this detergent a fragrance-free quality.

When it came to packaging this cyber hand soap product, Yevgeny Razumov opted for a transparent plastic box. Through its clear and rigid form, it one can appreciate the many-faced object within. However, to provide the user of Morfoze Polyhedron Soap with a dose of formal juxtaposition, the bar is placed within a splashing water soap dish that looks more organic than its geometric contents.