- Jul 1, 2013
These deep fried foods are not for people who are on a diet. They are practically the worst foods you can put in your body and that makes some people cringe. For others, these foods present a challenge as they try to avoid them but often end up giving in and eating them. Whether you consume deep fried foods like it's no big deal or avoid them like it's your full-time job you can't deny that they can be tempting.

From deep fried tortilla breakfasts to deep-fried watermelons, there is nothing that can't be covered in batter and tossed in the frier. Gone are the days of regular funnel cakes. Today people can snacks on ice cream Sundays topped with deep fried chocolate bars after eating a large order or batter covered pickles and union rings. Yikes!

From Sweet Extra Terrestrial Snacks to Deep-Fried Watermelons: