Deep Fried Deviled Eggs are a Tasty Addition to the Picnic Basket

 - Jun 12, 2012
References: dudefoods & holykaw.alltop
There's something sinfully delicious about crispy, greasy food and deep fried deviled eggs are one fryer-created confection that will certainly spice up summertime picnic lunches and barbecues.

Created by Nick from the 'shock food' blog, the crispy delicacies make no apologies for their obviously high calorie count and are sure to become a fan favorite during the summer months -- or perhaps a new breakfast dish.

Each yolk-less egg is lightly breaded and dunked in the fryer, where oils coat the dairy food in a crispy coating. After removing the battered egg from the deep-fryer, the deviled egg part of the snack comes into play.

After whipping up the standard recipe of egg yolks, mayonnaise and mustard, the mixture is then used as a topping for the deep-fried egg halves that will undoubtedly melt in your mouth.