Fish and Chip Cupcakes by Belinda Lo Looks Savory but is Sweet

Taking a bite out of the Fish and Chip Cupcakes will be liking taking a sip of soda water thinking it's Sprite. The mind might have geared up for a savory meal, but what it will get is much more sweet. As its name suggests, these desserts are made to look like a cute portion of fish and chips. In reality, it is comprised completely of sugary ingredients.

Impressively conceived and baked by Belinda Lo of The Moon Blush Baker blog, the Fish and Chip Cupcakes has been carefully crafted. For instance, the 'fish fillets' are sugar malt cookie covered in white chocolate then covered in a coat of finely crushed toasted coconut and cornflakes. The entire creation is set on one of her previous cupcake bases.