Digitalsoaps Soda Scented Shampoos Are Spiked Just Right

These Digitalsoaps soda scented shampoos will keep your hair feeling fresh while you enjoy your favorite soft drink. For clarity, these products are not for drinking, but the spike of caffeine will certainly keep your hair feeling smooth and clean.

The product comes in a number of different soft drink flavors, from Mountain Dew to A&W root beer. The packaging is just as delectable, as it looks identical to the real pop packaging. This may get confusing, so make sure you warn any shower-goer to avoid drinking the contents of this shampoo. The caffeine ingredients are known to infuse new life into hair, resulting in luscious locks with a soda-pop twist. Digitalsoaps soda scented shampoos will feed both your caffeine and soda addiction every morning while avoiding any hyperactive results.