Otohime Masks Pooping Sound, Saves the Environment

 - Jun 16, 2008
References: japundit & nextbigtrends
The Otohum Sound Princess masks embarrassing bathroom sounds, and may even help to save the environment.

The device creates an electronic flushing sound, which can help mask embarrassing toilet moments.

Sometimes, it is just inevitable to make embarrassing sounds when answering the call of nature. What some people do to mask the “unwanted sound” is they continuously flush the toilet. In that way, the only thing that could be heard is the downpour of water. The disturbing thing about this is that water is being wasted. This is where Otohime or Sound princess becomes very useful.

The Sound Princess produces a flushing sound without the actual use of water. You just have to wave your hand over the front sensor of the device and it will automatically recreate the flushing sound for about 25 seconds. If you think you are already done, just push a button and the sound will stop.