From Pooptastic Jewelery to Snail Poop Packaging

 - Nov 5, 2009   Updated: Apr 14 2011
Funny how going number two is the number one thing humanity has in common. How poetic it is. This cluster showcases all the poo related features we have at Trend Hunter, and simultaneously highlights my inability to grow past age seven.

From pooptastic jewelery to snail poop packaging, check out all of the fecal finds.

Implications - The mocking of poop has become popular in pop culture today. Additionally, the use of feces presents an earth-friendly appeal. The use of unconventional materials is a unique way to grab the attention of consumers with innovative products, such as elephant feces paper. Tactics such as branding the product or service with off-kilter topics such as fecal matter are guaranteed to generate word of mouth.