Famous Faces Are Exploiting You

 - Jan 13, 2009
References: watchingyoupoop.blogspot & urlesque
One doesn’t need to have exceptional Photoshop skills to have a bit of fun with celebrity photos like these ones depicting ‘Famous people watching you poop.’

The Blogger site WatchingYouPoop features celebs looking straight into the camera with various facial expressions. The following are some of the phrases you’ll see used on the photos: ‘Angelina Jolie is watching you poop whilst striking an authoritative pose’, ‘Britney Spears [who looks horrified] is watching you poop’, ‘Miley Cyrus is watching you poop’ and ‘Tom Cruise is watching you poop.’

Maybe you aren’t as easily entertained as I am, but these photos cracked me up; I especially love the one of Jeff Goldblum. 

Can you imagine anyone watching you poop, let alone a famous person? If so, would you be cautious of the faces and sounds you make while performing this perfectly normal bodily function? I know I would!