Bindeshwar Pathak's Poop Depot

 - Dec 11, 2007   Updated: May 16 2011
References: livemint & inventorspot
Next time somebody says their house is made of crap, they may be right. Bindeshwar Pathak, an Indian sanitation specialist, has found a way to turn human waste into raw material that can be fashioned into doors and window frames. He dreams of opening a Poop Depot home improvement store. Twenty-one of his doors are now on display at the Lisson Art Gallery.

Implications - You would think that these doors and windows would get awfully smelly, melting in the hot and humid summer, but Bindeshwar Pathak insists that they are totally durable. Although Poop Depot is an interesting concept, it is likely that most people will stick with their plastic doors and windows for the time being!