From Manure Building Bricks to Cow Pie-Powered Trucks

 - Jun 7, 2010   Updated: Aug 17 2011
Excrement is a taboo topic in Western culture, but these recycled poop innovations show just how beneficial this waste product can be. From manure building blocks to entire homes made of poop, developing countries have long used feces as a sustainable building material.

Recycled poop innovations aren't just found in developing countries, however. California dairy farmers have developed poop-powered 18-wheelers, and in South Korea, muskrat dung is used to make a beneficial antibiotic.

Implications - The economic crisis is something that still affects the majority of consumers to this day. Buyers are always looking for products and services that makes use of products that they have easy access to. Businesses can benefit from this trend by providing services that provide this desire of recycled products.