Nairobi Colony Uses Methane to Power Forges and Kilns

 - Jan 23, 2009   Updated: May 30 2011
References: kitengela-glass & blog.makezine
Let me start out by saying that the artistic glass creations seen here are not made of poo, but rather, from poo. Let me explain. There is an art colony near Nairobi National Park called Kitengela GlassHave. They have set up outhouses especially for collecting crap--crap that produces methane which, when burned, creates the energy needed to run their forges and kilns.

Implications - The featured is an example of learning about other cultures. People who live in the Western society often don't realize that other people live much differently. It is important to open up people's eyes to the world they do not know and an effective way to do that is through advertising, marketing and campaigning.