Scientists Make Vanilla Out Of Cow Dung

 - Feb 15, 2007   Updated: Jun 18 2011
References: neatorama
It is now possible to make vanilla out of cow poop. Isn't that appetizing? Thankfully, due to new ingredient listing laws, we don't have to worry that this "vanilla" will show up in any of our food. They'll save the good stuff for shampoos and candles only. Knowing that there is actual cow feces in your shampoo is still kind of gross!

Implications - The researcher Mayu Yamamoto explains that this first-ever type of recycling project is a one-hour process that involves heating and pressure. When both are combined, the feces can be turned into vanilla. Yamamoto claims that it is exactly the same as the vanilla people eat, but she feels that given how it is made, people would not take to it.