From Fecal Fragrances to Cigarette Butt-Sweets

 - Mar 14, 2012
While shock value has been used to sell products for years, these icky innovations take that practice to the next level.

Manufacturers are producing some of the most disgusting and stomach-churning products imaginable in a competition to see which brand can create something that will gross their customers out the most.

Blood, guts and bodily fluids are the name of the game with these icky innovations, and the more grotesque they are -- the better.

Everything from blood-stained dinner napkins to candy that looks like scabs is fair game. Companies are also playing up the use of boogers and fecal matter in many novelty items.

These crude products will make consumers crinkle their noses and possibly even throw up a little in their mouths, but that's all part of the fun.