The 'Edible Alien Autopsy' Toy Lets Kids Play Doctor

 - Mar 13, 2012
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The Doctor Dreadful Aliens line of novelty food playthings released a new 'Edible Alien Autopsy' toy that is definitely not for the squeamish eater. The toy gives anyone who has ever fantasized about eating cookies and cream-flavored jelly out of the inner organs of a plastic alien the opportunity to do so -- without having to wait to see if little blue men will invade the Earth.

Intestines and stomach juices can be hand-crafted by the toy-owner, and the stomach comes complete with a vibrating feature to make the whole process grossly realistic. For any curious child that wants learn about -- and then eat -- the inner organs of an extraterrestrial, the Edible Alien Autopsy toy will be great fun. For everyone else, alien guts won't be on their dinner menu.