Anna Sternik Fashions Placeholders that Look Like Rotting Hands

 - Mar 6, 2012
References: etsy & whokilledbambi
If you’re tired of using generic placeholders for your novels, it’s time you got yourself these Anna Sternik zombie bookmarks. Who wouldn’t want to be greeted with gruesome undead hands as they continued their adventures in the literary world? And if you find yourself falling asleep while reading your book, simply look down at the bloody gashes on these slime green arms to shock yourself back into a state of alertness.

Each hand on these Anna Sternik zombie bookmarks are approximately 6cm in length and are made from painted polymer clay. They’re all uniquely designed to the buyer’s specifications, and are fastened to a 13cm piece of black cardboard. Sternik even packs these gruesome products in coffin boxes. If you have a friend with a taste for the macabre and stories, there’s simply no better gift.