The 1800's Vampire Hunting Kit Shows Blood-Suckers Who's Boss

 - May 28, 2011
References: all-that-is-interesting & neatorama
I don’t care if Anne Rice romanticized vampires; since I’m lower in their food chain, I’d be more than happy to take out Lestat with the 1800’s Vampire Hunting Kit.

The 1800’s Vampire Hunting Kit pretty much has almost every weapon you can think of to use to put down a blood-sucker. Crosses and essence of garlic don’t work? No problem -- go gritty American Psycho style with your choice of the hammer/stake combo or an axe. There’s also the option of pumping them full of lead with a gun, which would make for a quicker takedown. Sure, you may not have ultraviolet rays like Blade or a semi-automatic, but if the folks in the old days could rough it out, so can you.

The kit appears to be just for display, but I’m sure you can indulge in a DIY project -- you know, in case you feel like going after the Twilight bunch.