- May 22, 2013
We’re living in the Twilight age, so it’s not surprising that there’s such a large market for peculiar vampire products. Shows like True Blood and The Vampire Diaries have huge followings on Facebook. Fans have been seduced by this dangerous blood-sucking lifestyle and want to flaunt their love for the supernatural. These monster-inspired products provide them with some interesting options.

These peculiar vampire-based products include vampire survival guides, bloody drink recipes and Dracula-inspired wines. Blood thirsty taxidermy is among the most peculiar of these creations. This includes tiny stuffed mice, wearing capes and sporting glowing red eyes. From cosmetics to kitchen ware, these roguish innovations are sure to please Twi-hard fans and True Blood lovers alike.

With supernatural shows growing in popularity,and blood-curdling monster products emerging in various industries, why not embrace the dark side and check out these twisted creations?

From Blood Bite Talismans to Monster-Shaped Condiment Caps: