The Vampire Manual Debunks Myths to Help You Survive Against the Suckers

 - Sep 29, 2012
References: amazon & uncrate
Who needs a vampire manual, you say? A lot of people think that the end of the world will be like a zombie apocalypse, but not many wonder about the other options. What about werewolves? Or demons? Or even vampires?

If you've seen Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you'll know that vampires are not the most friendly creatures. Soul-less, these blood-sucking demons can go out in daylight -- provided they're covered completely, run really fast and are tremedously brave -- and are determined to drain all the life out of you. But Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles depict gentler, though some emotionally broken, vampires that love and are fascinated by humans, and not just for their life source.

Regardless of which vampire you believe in, this Vampire Combat Manual will come in handy at a time of need, in case the zombie apocalypse doesn't come.