The Vampire-Inspired Cocktails are Deviously Delicious

Get into a bloodsucking Dracula mood as soon as you take one sip of the vampire-inspired cocktails by SugarAndCharm at

The recipe uses spiced rum, cranberry and pineapple juice for a nice tangy zing and grenadine that helps to make the liquid concoction a bright blood red. The cocktails are topped off with black grapes, which add mysticism and sort of resemble the bulbous bodies of big black spiders. The vampire-inspired cocktails are surprisingly easy to make once you have all your ingredients. You just combine everything into a shaker with ice, and dish them out like you're a bartender at a spooky Halloween bar.

You'll have people licking their new-found fangs at your Halloween party and filling their goblets to the brim with this item.