Mmmvelopes from J & D's Make Snail Mail Delicious

 - Nov 12, 2009
References: store.baconsalt
Ever wonder why the adhesive strip on envelopes couldn’t be just a tad more tasty (or at least not as gross)? The good people at J&D’s have finally figured out a way to help our taste buds and make closing envelopes an enjoyable--instead of an avoidable--task with their bacon-flavored envelopes, called Mmmvelopes.

These delicious bacon-flavored envelopes cost $6.99 for a pack of 25 or $14.99 for 3 packs of 25. Mmmvelopes are not made of real bacon, so they’re appropriate for non-pork and non-meat eaters.

These tasty bacon-flavored envelopes will make unique carriers for Christmas and birthday cards or anything else you have to mail because, really, who doesn’t love bacon?