- Mar 13, 2013
The food fascination craze continues to make its way through modern day society, and these seemingly edible accessories are some great examples of how ordinary fashion products are being created to resemble scrumptious food items.

The popularity of certain fried foods such as donuts and bacon is one of the reasons why clothing retailers are choosing to incorporate these wacky designs into their products. By designing certain accessories such as earrings and necklaces to resemble these indulgent foods, retailers are able to attract consumers looking for something quirky and out-of-the-ordinary to wear. From scarves that look like delectable pieces of bacon to headbands topped with cupcakes, these food-inspired accessories are a great way to incorporate some of your favorite foods into your everyday fashion.

While these accessories look scrumptious enough to eat, they are unfortunately inedible, but they're nonetheless amazing to look at.

From Breakfast-Inspired Scarves to Tasty Treat Trinkets: