These Pokkuru Dessert Necklaces Will Trigger Your Sweet Tooth

For those that can’t express how much they love indulging in heavenly desserts with just mere words, these dessert necklaces by Pokkuru may finally provide relief to your woes. Sweet goods should ideally be reserved for dessert time, but who can help it when they see oozy, warm chocolate being drizzled on top of luscious layers of dreamy vanilla cake? For those that strictly restrict desserts for dessert time, these sweet dessert necklaces may keep you preoccupied with another form of indulgence until it is time for the real deal.

The inedible creations let you imagine the taste of fluffy, whipped frosting on cupcakes, bursting flavors of lemon and coffee and the nuttiness of pistachio. Sadly, these dessert necklaces are not like those candy necklaces you can actually devour, but they sure do look good enough to eat!