- Mar 3, 2015
Aside from the bride and groom themselves, one of the biggest centerpieces of any wedding revolves around the extravagant cakes. As traditions continue to evolve, the idea of the wedding cake may have changed, but that isn't to say couples are not opposed to a focus on luxury. After all, this big day is hoped to only happen once in a person's life.

With that in mind, this collection of extravagant cakes sets the bar high. Full of striking details and even unique twists such as one tiered cake that hangs upside down like a chandelier, the extravagant cakes are works of art. Of course, some couples have opted for cupcakes and even cake pops to bring a playful spin on the otherwise extravagant cakes. The opulence is often upheld through pearly and gold details.

From Chandelier Wedding Cakes to Golden Treasure Desserts: