Mummified Barbies by E.V. Day is a Quest for New Doll Creations

 - Oct 29, 2011
References: & bitrebels
Barbie collections come and go, but the eerie preserved dolls seen in the Mummified Barbies collection by E.V. Day are taking many by surprise. It is their ongoing project that is battling stereotypical ideas of beauty.

E.V. Day tries to explore the western perspective of beauty and how many people want to preserve beauty through thick and thin and hence, the embalmed dolls are making their rounds around the world. It is quite a sight as many are used to glancing at the picture-perfect blonde Barbie on the shelves and magazines. This collection, however, brings a different side to the coin as the dolls are covered up from head to toe in beeswax, twine and silver chrome flakes.

Some may find this interesting and some may be grossed out, but Barbie is used to both good and bad press. The Mummified Barbies may just be the start of something revolutionary.