Venezuela's Capybara Is Double The Price of Beef

 - Mar 24, 2007   Updated: Aug 3 2011
References: slashfood
Eating meat is pretty gross to the vegetarians and vegans amongst us. But the thought of eating a rodent has got to be revolting to just about anyone... or does it?

In Venezuela, their largest rodent, the capybara is a much sought-after delicacy and it costs almost double that of beef. Described as tasting like rabbit (not chicken, this time!), the capybara is difficult to hunt, thereby adding to it's high price tag.

Implications - Consumers enjoy the novelty of trying different types of food delicacies because it offers them an adventurous experience at a modest price. Corporations looking to appeal to consumers may similarly provide items and services that satiate consumer desire for adventurous experiences. Like the food example, however, companies need to be weary of keeping costs low if they're to attract the business of consumers.