- Feb 2, 2010
Feb 2 is the most pivotal day in winter when we desperately seek to find out if there will be six more weeks of frigid weather or if spring is just ahead. This monumental decision lies not on the shoulders of any person, but that of a scampering groundhog. Yes, it is up to a rodent to decide when the seasons will change and so, in honor of the little fur ball, I bring you 34 Groundhog Day Inspirations.

This gallery is dedicated not just to the groundhog, but also to all of rodent kind as I think it only fair that hamsters get a little piece of the action too. So bundle up, put that classic Bill Murray film on pause, and pray to God that little bugger doesn’t see his shadow. In the meantime, please enjoy these 34 Groundhog Day Inspirations.

From Rodent Headdresses to Gopher Museums: