Reid Peppard Creates Realistic Ratty Baubles

Reid Peppard has made a line of accessories made only for those that aren't grossed out by rodents (so, not me). The line includes rats, pigeons and mice.

The designs by Reid Peppard are shown for men, and come in bow ties, brooches, cufflinks and necklaces. While I don't personally want a rat brooch or pigeon wing necklace, to each their own. Take a look at this rodent collection by Reid Peppard.

Implications - **Having trouble understanding what it is you're trying to say. Skype me if you need suggestions/help! :)

There is a very specific market of consumers that are interested in this animal appendage jewelry. However, by making products such as this one accessible and in the light of the products, businesses can benefit by feeling free to experiment with more daring animal and innovative products.