From Cartoon Mouse Couture to Disney Doll Fashion

 - Jul 25, 2013
The Walt Disney Company has been creating wonderful cartoons and cinematic features for decades now, and with the continuing popularity of classic Disney films worldwide, there's no surprise as to why Disney-inspired apparel continues to infiltrate mainstream fashion.

There's something very innocent and wholesome about the Disney brand as a whole. Whether it is due to the loveable Mickey Mouse characters as its brand ambassador or the fact that almost every single Disney movie contains adorable animal characters and heartfelt themes, the Disney brand continues to be loved by both children and adults alike. These Disney-inspired apparel pieces are showcasing just how influential this brand has become, sparking retailers to incorporate certain iconic characters and villains into their designs.

From Mickey Mouse snapbacks to Minnie Mouse-inspired runways, these examples of Disney-inspired apparel are showcasing that this influential corporation continues to make a bold impact in modern day fashion.