Rodent Briefs Bring Decency to the Backyard

 - Mar 22, 2009
References: squirrelunderpants & perpetualkid
Squirrel Underpants are now available for purchase. Thanks goodness, because too many of us have been subjected to viewing the ‘bits’ of the male rodents while trying to enjoy a sunny afternoon in the backyard with the family.

For less than $10 you can now purchase a 3" pair of y-front briefs made specifically for the nut-hunting, birdseed-stealing critters, but they also fit pet hamsters and gerbils.

The undies are endorsed by S.A.D., or the Small Animal Decency association, which is "an organization that works to keep animal nudity away from the eyes of innocents."

The Squirrel Underpants website is hilarious and should be visited to appreciate its full glory.