Ivik Nier Renders Children's Story Characters with Morbidity

 - Jan 12, 2012
References: ivikn.deviantart & artforadults.tumblr
If kindergarten teachers read children fairytale storybooks featuring artwork by Ivik Nier, there’s a strong possibility they’d take the moral of each narrative much more seriously. After all, who wouldn’t be scared straight after looking at these renderings of Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty and Alice?

With outrageous weaponry, macabre motifs and blood smeared everywhere, Nier takes innocent characters from children’s stories and makes them almost too badass. It certainly reinvigorates adult interest in the tales when an artist doesn’t take his source material lightly, adding grit and brutality into the mix.

Ivik Nier illustrated these hardcore fairytale characters for a series of playing cards, which explains why the corner of each rendering also denotes whether a character is a Jack, a Queen, a King or a Joker.