From Nostalgic Fairytale Playing Cards to Iconic Martial Artist Cards

 - Jan 17, 2014
Playing cards are one of the world's oldest games that are still wildly played today; however while the main function of playing cards has remained relatively the same, playing card designs themselves have undergone incredible changes.

Consumers are no longer content with a buying traditional pack of playing cards. While a certain contingent of the population doesn’t really care what kind of deck of cards they’re playing with (as long as it’s a full deck), many card aficionados want to own a deck of cards that reflect their own tastes and individuality. Fortunately, today’s cards come in a multitude of different designs that are sure to get you excited to show them off at your next bridge game.

With playing card designs that feature bright colors,  zombies, politicians and Disney characters, you’re sure to find a deck of cards that’ll suit your own tastes.