The Deck of the Dead Manipulates Each Suit Into Zombie Delights

 - Nov 4, 2012
References: kickstarter
Kickstarter Darren J. Gendron of Columbia, Maryland redesigned the common playing cards into a zombified Deck of the Dead.

The Deck of the Dead is also known as Postumo, meaning after death in Spanish. Gendron takes every suit in traditional cards and associates them with something the undead can weaponize. Aside from the offensive black cards of spades and clubs, the red cards symbolize that which the humans and zombies value most: hearts and brains. Since diamonds are the most valuable, the delicious craniums were assigned to this suit. Gendron hopes to advance his artistic cards into a complete set with dice and chips, also marked with pulsating brains, so users can enjoy a deadly game of poker as well.