Alex Beltechi Creates a Steampunk-Inspired Deck for Theory 11 and Bicycle

 - Jan 9, 2012
References: theory11 & thedieline
Created by Alex Beltechi, 'Steampunk' is a line of bronzed playing cards fit for a king, forged by machine. These bronzed cards embody the flavor of hard work, motorcycles, and musky cologne to release an original and hearty feel. The bronzed cards are the brain child of a collaboration between companies Bicycle Cards and Theory 11. Each card has incredible detailing and was constructed using 12 million 3D polygons. The cards were pressed using real working Victorian machines and bronzed paper especially created specifically for this project.

Romanian Alex Beltechi's card set was engineered in the United States and makes the perfect gift for any collector, card player or special someone. With the bronzed card set in your hands, you can feel ready to do battle with any joker. This special set oozes with masculinity and will surely trump any flush.