The House in 3 Acts Prophesises the Demise of Your Domestic Life

 - Oct 10, 2011
References: suckerpunchdaily
Looking much like the aftermath of an oil spill from above, the House in 3 Acts appropriately expects devastation in the personal lives of its inhabitants. Designers Michael Gross, Wilson Wu and Nicholas Poulos endeavored to develop a new architectural language for the private home, which explores the transforming needs of its occupants according to a predetermined plan.

One side of the building fosters promise, welcoming a couple into its doors where they may hope to live happily together. Venturing deeper into the surreal spaces however, the pair is split into two streams of unusual chambers to symbolize the eventual divorce of their relationship. The far end of the House in 3 Acts decomposes as you pass through it, representing a natural disaster that destroys what is left of the life within it.