Scientists Create Unlikely Source of Petrol Energy

 - Jun 15, 2008
References: timesonline
Biofuels are expected to be a hot new source for energy, but oil-pooping-bugs? It's true.

Scientists at LS9, a Silicon Valley research firm, have been experimenting with this unlikely source of energy. The scientists have learned that with some genetic alteration, a beaker of 'bug excretion' can contain pure oil.

The Times reported, "Using genetically modified bugs for fermentation is essentially the same as using natural bacteria to produce ethanol, although the energy-intensive final process of distillation is virtually eliminated because the bugs excrete a substance that is almost pump-ready."

The advantage, compared to alternative fuels, is that the world is already structured to consume oil. Accordingly, it is advantageous to find an alternate way to produce oil.

The company, funded by $20 million of venture capital, is using single-cell organisms that measure a billionth the size of an ant.

It's amazing what a $140 oil price will drive us to do...