Going Crude, from Awareness Ads to Rigs

 - Aug 19, 2009   Updated: Jun 22 2011
Oil continues to be one of the most important commodities on the planet and these oil-inspired innovations help validate that point. It's loved, hated, expensive and cheap, but nonetheless, oil is and always will be everywhere.

These oil-inspired innovations highlight products made from oil, oil awareness campaigns and everything in between. There are good sides and bad sides to the consumption of oil. You be the judge!

Implications - Though this collection highlights many oil-dependent innovations, it also speaks of a societal shift towards alternative fuels as corporations and consumers realize they've become too reliant on the depleting fossil fuel. There's now a collective movement from people around the world to find a renewable fuel source as potent and abundant as oil. Corporations that are currently producing wares that heavily rely on oil may want to consider finding different substitute textiles to prolong the lifespan of product line.