Clever Marketing with Fear? or American Tragedy?

 - Mar 1, 2007
References: theorangemarket.blogspot
This Gas Station in Nebraska offers 'Terror Free Oil', which means they offer oil only from the USA and Canada. The picture is from their station in Omaha. They presume the oil with Arab origin as connected to terror organizations. Note the use of the Twin Towers and the Pentagon in their logo.

The argument is that people who use other gas stations are sending their money to countries that want to destroy USA. They say they believe in the war against terrorism, and - here comes the bizarre even bad taste element - their logo is made with The Twin Towers, The Pentagon and the airplanes that crashed into them on 9-11 attacks.

It was something to come, marketing to serve a social cause, in this case the fight against terrorism. The company that provides this stations is the Sinclair Oil Corporation, which buys "almost" all their oil in USA and Canada only. The marketing campaign is ok, the idea to attract customers is also cool but... what was the need of such a logo? Don't you think it's too much when a company takes the symbols of such tragedy just to sell more?