- Mar 23, 2008
References: 5starbaby & springwise
Finally your precious bundle of joy has arrived, and you want to shout your little baby's name from the rooftops and bombard your friend's inboxes with photos. But why do it the traditional way? Your little one is worthy of so much more!

One innovative alternative are these faux movie posters featuring the star of your life -- your darling newborn! Create your own custom baby announcement at 5starbaby.com.

Each ad features the vital stats you'd want to share with all your friends and family in a traditional announcement, yet this one is more fun. It's the type of goody you get in the mail that you actually want to share with friends, just because it's so unique! It's awesome! Like MagMyPic for babies!

The star of the film, of course, is your award-winning infant, but important family members or friends can be given credit as "supporting cast" while you as the parents are deemed as "producers." The setting of the film is the hospital, and, like any film, the director plays a crucial part, and in the case of your baby, that person is the doc.

Rated "G" doesn't mean general audiences; it stands for girl, and a "B" rating tells the world the handsome baldie in the photo is in fact a boy. "T" is twins, but is probably also used in the case of triplets in which the photo would probably give away the meaning.