Little People Sporting Big People Hairstyles

 - Sep 27, 2006
References: babytoupee
It doesn’t seem like anything can make a little baby more perfect… except a baby toupee! The website, babytoupee(.com), is completely devoted to collecting pictures of your bundle of joy and posting them for a good (GOOD) laugh.

Babies are cute to begin with (we all know that), but imagine strapping on a side-part or a mullet baby toupee and showcasing the new look for the world. Your baby will be the mop-top of the town.

Although their faces may not seems so pleased with their current hair predicament, they’ll one day learn how fine and grown up they looked (which is what every child wants) wearing their baby toupees.

So, check out the Trump, the Lil’ Kim and the Bob Marley baby toupees and see if you can resist getting one for your own little ones.