Smart Cycle Physical Learning Arcade

 - Nov 4, 2007
References: amazon & techdigest
When I was a kid, we had primitive technologies called bicycles and books. In the 21st Century, Fisher-Price has developed the Smart Cycle Physical Learning Arcade, a stationary plastic bicycle that plugs into the TV.

The kid rides the virtual landscape while learning various preschool concepts like counting, the alphabet, and lessons on the environment and social isolation. I guess for some parents, the prospect of buying the kid a real bike, teaching him how to use it, and setting him free in the great outdoors is too much of a commitment in time and effort.

Better he should sit alone in a room on a piece of plastic wired to an electronic box; that way, they don't have to be supervised, and nothing can happen to them. Why not just stick the kid on a treadmill with a Twinkie dangling in front of their face just out of reach?