The MotoPOD

 - Aug 16, 2008
References: motorcyclepilot & gizmag
If RV campers tow a spare vehicle around for local transportation, then why don't small plane pilots too? They can now get the Motopod, a patent-pending cargo pod designed to carry a small motorcycle with you to your destination. Many small airports don't have car rental booths so the Motopod will solve this tricky situation.

The pod which was tested on a Vans Aircraft RV-10 kit built plane is locked in place with a pin system and is lowered via a built-in power winch. The motorcycle is a Yamaha XT225 which is small and lightweight. The front wheel has to be detached for storage but otherwise, the bike is fairly quickly reassembled with the unfolding of the handlebars, kickstand etc after landing as shown in the video.

The Motopod should be ready for sale later this year.How much do you have to pay for the convenience? About $8,000 and $10,000 for the pod and motorbike respectively. Preordering will save you $1000. Other MotoPOD models will be rolled out for other small aircraft like the Cirrus SR22 and Cessna 182.