Why Women and Bikes are a Match Made in Heaven

 - Aug 1, 2010   Updated: May 27 2011
These crotch rocket sexvertising examples prove that there is something about women on bikes that has men going crazy. Whether it's Harley-Davidson ads or magazine editorials, if there is a motorcycle, there is a good chance there is also a scantily clad woman laying atop it. From damsels in denim to biker babe editorials, see these crotch rocket sexvertising examples above.

Implications - Women in scandily-clad outfits is a concept familiar to both businesses and consumers alike. The glamor of the entertainment industry often projects what most consider to be an "ideal" image of what individuals define as "beauty." These themes can be detrimental to self confidence, so companies should try to market images that people can relate to. That way, consumers can feel like the brand is an approachable one that caters to the every man.