From Eco-Electro Scooters to Wind-Whipped Bikes

 - Jun 16, 2011
My itch to get my motorcycle license has become unbearable, thanks in no small part to all of these innovative Honda two-wheelers. Honda is famed for their fuel-efficient cars, but the company also makes motorcycles and scooters for those that would prefer to travel by two wheels.

If you do prefer to travel by two wheels, there is a chance that Honda has a motorcycle or scooter to suit your needs. While the bikes and scooters Honda makes now are all well and good, I am excited for the future as there are many conceptual designs here that make today's two-wheelers look a little outdated. If you're interested in scoping out the hottest and most innovative Honda two-wheelers of both today and tomorrow, then you're definitely going to have to check all of these bad boys out.