Honda Ruckus Owners are Pimping Their Rides

Driven by a cult following in Japan, enthusiasm for the Honda Ruckus is driving one of the latest tuning movements in the US—and it’s continuing to build momentum.

The Honda Ruckus scooter is affordable (around $2,000 to $2,500 USD) and, thanks to an established scene in Japan, has hundreds of parts with which to personalize or customize. There are now several US retailers offering a wide array of performance parts and accessories(from turbo kits, to cold air intakes and high-flow exhausts), many offering installation and customization services, and the number of local owners groups for the Honda Ruckus continues to rise.

Enthusiasts say these 30 to 35 mph scooters get about 100 miles per gallon stock, and a tuned Honda Ruckus can easily hit 70+ mph and beat or keep up with sport bikes off the line with some simple, bolt-on modifications.

The trend of chopping, stretching and tuning the Honda Ruckus hasn’t gone unnoticed by the automotive industry either—the annual SEMA Show in Las Vegas has created a home for them in the Powersports section to showcase the coolest mods from the US and Japan.