From Real-Life Barbie Cars to Cotton Candy Jeeps

 - Aug 23, 2013
While most cars are often targeted toward a macho male demographic, these feminine vehicle designs are showcasing that automobiles can be designed in fun and flirty ways as well.

When most people think of cars, images of sleek exterior designs, subtle colors and ruggedly masculine features often comes to mind. These girly car designs however, are targeting a more female-oriented demographic, featuring such aspects as bright colors and floral designs. From huge Hummer vehicles decked out in vibrant pink colors to those featuring florals and Barbie references, these feminine vehicle designs will surely attract any individual looking for a fun and flirty car to drive in.

Perfect for car enthusiasts who aren't afraid to showoff their feminine side, these sleek vehicle designs will surely showcase just how much you enjoy color and flamboyant themes.