Animating the Auto Crisis with 'Unsolicited Proposals to Detroit'

 - Jul 6, 2009   Updated: Jun 22 2011
References: core77
Core 77 have made a list of marketing suggestions for automakers called Unsolicited Proposals to Detroit.

The Unsolicited Proposals for Detroit list includes feminine paint jobs, NASCAR style advertising, and alternative uses for muscle cars and SUVs. While these cartoons are silly, they are not entirely without merit.

Besides, who wouldn't mind seeing the General Motors senior management being offered 'limo service' in a pink Geo Tracker?

Implications - During times of economic unrest, businesses who lend a helping hand to competitors through proposals like these help to show their compassion while gaining media attention of their own. Thinking outside the box through ideas such as the feminization of the automotive industry can help a business to stay afloat.