The FAB1 Rolls-Royce Seeks $1 Million Pounds for Breast Cancer Care

 - Apr 20, 2013
References: rolls-roycemotorcars & carbuzz
The bar for breast cancer fundraising autos has just been raised by the FAB1 Rolls-Royce Ghost. FAB1 is an organization led by Chris Evans, a British radio personality and a Ferrari fanatic. The pink Ghost extended wheelbase (it's longer than a normal Ghost) has a goal of raising $1 million pounds in one year. This goal will be met by renting the car out to interested parties, paid appearances and charitable donations to FAB1 sent via text. Interestingly, once a certain limit has been reached through text donations, FAB1 will pick a number at random and let that person drive the pink ghost for a day.

The FAB1 Rolls-Royce Ghost is just like any other ghost...except that it's covered in pink. Everything from the armrests to the included umbrella are bathed in pink.