Matt Clark's IV 1 Prototype

 - Sep 30, 2008   Updated: May 12 2011
References: bikecommuters
The plastic, recyclable bike prototype was designed by Matt Clark, an industrial designer from California. The inovative eco bike is called the IV-1, or the Innervision 1. The plastic bike is built primarily with polypropylene, a very light plastic which is less dense than water.

The IV-1 is a good-looking prototype, however, I'm not completely sold on this bike's durability. Not yet.

Implications - The featured video shows the eco-friendly bike in action as some hardcore music plays in the background screaming things such as "it's never too late to reinvent the bicycle." One of the main objectives of creating the bike was to use parts that could be fully recycled. The interesting bike is customizable so you can show off your individuality.