From Luxurious Fashionista Scooters to Water-Powered Wheels

 - Sep 23, 2011
If you happened to forget that BMW also makes two-wheeled vehicles, then consider all of these badass beamer motorbikes a reminder. While the Bavarian automaker is known primarily for its luxury cars, and rightfully so, it would be a mistake to overlook the company's many innovative motorcycles and scooters.

BMW designs motorbikes for just about every rider out there. Eco-friendly city slickers who don't like to go too fast can ride BMW's new electric scooter. Hardcore biker-boys who have a need for speed will love the company's super bikes. Heck, there is even a BMW motorcycle designed to fight fires.

If your knowledge of BMW begins with the 3 series and ends with the 7, you definitely need to spend some time clicking through all these badass beamer motorbikes.